New Facebook tool will tell if you liked Russian propaganda

New Facebook tool will tell if you liked Russian propaganda

New Facebook tool will tell if you liked Russian propaganda

However, the portal does not seem able to show individual posts or ads the users may have seen or interacted with.

Facebook Inc. said Wednesday that it would build a web page to allow users to see which Russian propaganda accounts they have liked or followed, after US lawmakers demanded that the social network be more open about the reach of the accounts. "It's why we build tools and provide education that put people in control of their privacy, and why we continually engage with policymakers about the best ways to protect people, create jobs, build community and promote innovation".

Facebook says it's trying to be more transparent around how Russian agents used the social network to meddle with last year's USA election.

Apple has reportedly acquired an augmented reality headset maker for $30 million
With AR tech, the consumer would no longer need to carry a phone, as texts and videos would be available even without the device. TechCrunch now knows that Apple has earned Vrvana-builder of the Totem headset that had ecstatic reviews but never was shipped.

Facebook has reported the bulk of the alleged propaganda came from the Internet Research Agency, a Russian-based firm believed to have deep ties with the Kremlin. "That's an enormous responsibility - and one that we take incredibly seriously", said Joel Kaplan, Facebook's vice president of global public policy.

Analysts believe that Facebook's admission that Russian-based agents spent 0.000037 percent of the election's total price tag legitimizes a US intelligence agency released shortly after the election that accused the Kremlin of "covert intelligence operations - such as cyber activity - with overt efforts by Russian government agencies, state-funded media, third-party intermediaries, and paid social media users, or "trolls".

Facebook told Congress the apparent political meddling included the use of Instagram. Facebook has since deactivated the accounts. All told, the posts could have reached as many as 126 million people, though not all of those users will have liked or followed the pages. It's set to arrive in the Facebook Help Center by the end of the year.

Catholic school in Adelaide to remodel statue over concerns of suggestive nature
The principal of the school, Simon Cobiac, later apologised for "any concerns and publicity generated by this matter". Now, the school has finally released a statement explaining how the statue came to be erected from their perspective.

The problem is that there are several different ways users could have seen Russian propaganda on Facebook. When people like or comment on a post, that post is eligible to show up in any of their friends' news feeds - helping the content go viral.

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who is the Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, called Facebook's move a "very positive step".

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