Trump Staffers Accused of Improper Contact with Women in Vietnam, Reassigned

Trump Staffers Accused of Improper Contact with Women in Vietnam, Reassigned

Trump Staffers Accused of Improper Contact with Women in Vietnam, Reassigned

Military investigators are probing whether three soldiers who worked in the White House had "improper contact" with foreign women on President Donald Trump's recent Asia trip, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The Department of Defense (DOD) is investigating three noncommissioned Army officers who allegedly broke curfew and met with foreign women during the 12-day, five-country visit to Asia, the Washington Post reports.

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The officials stated the three members the curfew while in Vietnam, and their actions are now being carefully inspected by the military.

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If found guilty they could lose their security clearance - or even face a court martial.

According to officials, the accused, who were senior members of the service were sent back to the US and they were then removed from their respective White House positions.

The agency's role is to prevent eavesdropping on presidential communications and to ensure that White House officials can be securely reached worldwide at a moment's notice. The agency employs 1,200 staffers from all branches of the military. Many of its personnel are assigned to White House duties on four-year tours.

The Secret Service directed media inquiries to the WHCA.

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Mr Trump and Mr Pence's teams have not commented on the incidents and have referred requests for comment to the Pentagon.

The incident happened when the US security services were preparing for former President Barack Obama's visit to Cartagena, Colombia.

The 2012 incident raised concerns that prostitutes had access to the agents' rooms and potentially sensitive information regarding Mr Obama's movements. The Secret Service director at the time, Mark Sullivan, testified to Congress that the episode was humiliating but said there was never a risk to the president.

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