HDMI Forum Releases v2.1 of HDMI Specification

New HDMI 2.1 Resolution Standard Supports 10K

HDMI Forum Releases v2.1 of HDMI Specification

HDMI Forum says that it will notify adopters when they release CTS materials. The cable also features very low EMI emission and is backwards compatible with earlier versions of the HDMI Specification and can be used with existing HDMI devices.

The format includes dynamic high dynamic range (HDR) support to help ensure improved video performance with improved depth, detail, brightness, contrast and wider color gamut capabilities on a scene-by-scene or frame-by-frame sequence. It can also work with higher refresh rates, specifically at 4K (120Hz) and 8K (60Hz).

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The HDMI 2.1 Compliance Test Specification will come out before the end of 2018, so dont expect hardware anytime soon. Gamers will be interested in Variable Refresh Rate-essentially a standardized version of Nvidia's G-Sync and AMD's Freesync (which is itself a standardized feature of the DisplayPort connection standard), which alters the refresh rate on the fly to match the rate at which frames are produced by the GPU-and Quick Frame Transport, which somehow reduces the latency of the HDMI connection. The new Quick Media Switching feature allows changes in refresh rates and resolution without the customary and annoying display blackout.

According to details provided by the HDMI Forum, the new HDMI v2.1 specification will be backward compatible with all previous HDMI standards but will also need the new ultra high-speed HDMI cable for those new upgrades.

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The HDMI Forum, which we envisage as a collection of cowled people worshipping a winding mass of the trapezoid cable, revealed the specification of the upcoming cable and connection standard, potentially through invoking the power of some electronics deity. An Auto Low Latency mode allows source units to establish the ideal latency settings for different types of media, too. There is also a focus to encourage more companies to participate as the global presence of HDMI-enabled products and solutions continues to grow.

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