UC expert highlights what you need to know about net neutrality

UC expert highlights what you need to know about net neutrality

UC expert highlights what you need to know about net neutrality

The FCC received nearly 23 million comments since last spring, when Pai first made it clear that he would review the FCC's framework for its net neutrality rules.

According to Schneiderman, the net neutrality feedback process generated more than 23 million total comments, marking an unprecedented level of participation. The Democratic commissioners are against Pai's plan to roll back net neutrality rules.

Schneiderman pointed to a study paid for by an industry group that represents Internet service providers called Broadband for America, which he says has acknowledged that as many as eight million comments submitted to the FCC may have been fake.

UC expert highlights what you need to know about net neutrality
UC expert highlights what you need to know about net neutrality

The FCC did not immediately reply when asked why it chose to cooperate with the investigation or whether it would delay the vote.

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat appointed by President Obama who supports keeping the current regulations, said that almost a half-million comments before the FCC were filed from Russian email addresses, and that 50,000 consumer complaints are missing from the record.

UTICA, NY- The way you use the internet could soon change, if the Federal Communications Commissions votes to overturn net neutrality rules.

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During his press conference on Monday, Schneiderman indicated that after a period of stonewalling he received an email from the FCC's inspector general's office offering a willingness to help in his investigation into the fake comments.

"For months", said Schneiderman, "we've been pleading with the FCC to help us with our investigation so we can get to the bottom of what happened and determine who is responsible". "We want to weigh all comments and make sure that we take a full view of the record and again make the appropriate judgment based on those facts and the law as it applies".

The Attorney General's Office has set up a website for New Yorkers where you can check to see if your identity was used without your consent. The current net neutrality rules, approved during the Obama administration, barred internet providers from deliberately speeding up or slowing down traffic to or from specific websites and apps. Schneiderman joined a group of 27 senators who are also calling for a delay on the December 14 vote that is widely expected to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules.

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When Pai made his proposal public last month, an FCC official said that the vast majority of the comments were from form letters, and that 7.5 million of the responses were exactly the same and came from 45,000 unique names and addresses.

For now, Schneiderman called the FCC's entire comment process "deeply corrupted", and asked federal investigators to look into the incident alongside his own probe.

The identity of one of Schneiderman's staff members was also used without her permission, he said. "Given the enormous danger to consumers of losing all protections should the Ninth Circuit decide to affirm the panel decision and side with AT&T Mobility, the FCC should delay a vote until the en banc panel of the Ninth Circuit issues its decision", the letter said.

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