Gigi Hadid Flashes 'Armpit Hair' For LOVE's Sweaty Advent Calendar!

Gigi Hadid & Her Gloriously Fuzzy Armpits Rock Out In Love Mag’s Advent

By Lucinda Price

In an array of fighting moves with fists often thrown high above her wet, slicked-back blonde mane, Hadid looks like the epitome of feminine prowess. If she did indeed ditch her razor, she just joined an elite group of Hollywood hotties that prefer to go au naturel, like Madonna and Miley Cyrus.

The video-which is the 11th installment of the magazine's 31-day model-filled calendar-shows a sweaty-haired Hadid working out in an empty room.

Gigi Hadid That Wasn't Armpit Hair, Guys ... Blame It On Wardrobe!
Gigi Hadid Flashes 'Armpit Hair' For LOVE's Sweaty Advent Calendar!

Others are behind Gigi 100%.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid is the latest start to get pulled into the conversation withshort movie for mini-movie for LOVE Magazine's annual Advent calendar, where she posed with arms up, revealing what appears to be armpit hair.

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Making her mark on the 11th day of Love mag's Advent Calendar, Gigi Hadid has reminded us all - once again - just why she's to be put in amongst other strong, lovely and intelligent women such as Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, Slick Woods, and Rita Ora.

Oddly enough, her armpits have been getting some mixed reactions from fans, with some praising the 22-year-old and others slamming her and the fake "empowerment"!

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'It is not armpit hair! Another said: "Every women has body hair even supermodels!" It is just black fluff from the inside of the track jacket she wears in some parts of the video, it stuck when she was sweating'. Both very real possibilities that happen when you're a human person who works out; though, as fans have pointed out, a big deal to be kept in the film, considering anything deemed a "flaw" has historically been digitally removed from a fashion spread or video.

Regardless, it looks like Gigi knows how to #StayStrong! She then gives the world two tickets to "the gun show" by flexing her biceps.

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