Twitter announces official support for tweetstorms with new 'Threads' feature

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The feature has essentially become a Twitter convention at this point - and the company has a history of taking inspiration from its user base in developing new features.

Twitter is getting behind "tweetstorms" with a new feature that can let you post them with one click.

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Just last month, Twitter doubled the character limit for tweets from 140 to 280, in a major shift. It's also hard to know sometimes when a given tweet is meant to stand on its own and when it's really just the introduction to a series that is meant to be consumed as a whole. That might change depending on how people use it.

The tool is simple: Make a tweet, preferably a good one, and then add other tweets underneath it with the "plus" button. It was the first time the character cap was raised since Twitter was founded.

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Twitter said on Tuesday it would add a pair of buttons that will allow users to more easily see and add new tweets to existing ones on the same topic. Today, Twitter is making it easy to post these tweetstorms by announcing the launch of a new feature called "Threads", which is now available across its iOS and Android apps.

The tweetstorm format has been used for a long time on Twitter, initially by a small number of early adopters, including a16z co-founder Marc Andreessen, who would often pen the equivalent of blog posts using tweets.

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Until now, there weren't many options to string multiple tweets together. While it makes it easier than before to compose an essay, that's still much trickier to do on Twitter than it is in a word processor or even on Facebook. You can add posts after the fact if you need to write an epilogue. You can also add the same amount of media - like GIFs, images, videos, and more - to any individual tweet in the thread, as you could on Twitter directly. But it's part of a more important, ongoing evolution in which Twitter is shifting from short, self-contained bursts of information to longer and more nuanced arguments, conversations, and commentary. Twitter's notorious problems handling abuse may pop up yet again with this new function.

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