Kentucky politician takes his own life after sex assault allegation

Kentucky State Rep. Republican Dan Johnson addresses the public from his church regarding sexual assault allegations in Louisville Ky. Johnson died Wednesday night Dec. 13 2017

Kentucky lawmaker kills himself amid sexual misconduct investigation

The statement continued, "Our Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting released a report on Johnson this week".

Kentucky lawmaker Dan Johnson died of what was most likely a suicide on Wednesday.

Still Rebecca Johnson sat down with us on the steps inside the chapel where her husband preached answering questions about the emotional roller coast and allegations hovering over the death of Representative Dan Johnson. "These high-tech lynchings and half truths can't be allowed to win the day".

Louisville police investigated the matter but closed the case and did not file charges. Their 7-month long investigation into the controversial preacher turned politician looked at stories that swirled around Rep. Johnson for years including claims he once raised a woman from the dead, healed a deaf man and set fire to his church.

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"It was a lynch mob funded by out of state money, funded by a liberal group of people, that their belief system is totally opposite of ours", Johnson said.

He was elected to the Kentucky legislature in 2016 and worked as a pastor in a local church.

Mr Johnson, 57, denied the allegation.

In an interview given to NBC News Thursday night, Johnson said her husband suffered from a variety of ailments he developed while working in the aftermath of the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center.

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Dan Johnson has committed suicide amid allegations of sexual misconduct. A 40 caliber pistol was found near his body. Johnson's family had reported him missing because they could not reach him after he posted the Facebook message about 5 p.m.

Then shortly before 17:00 (22:00 GMT) on Wednesday, he posted a message on Facebook paying tribute to his family and saying he had suffered post-traumatic stress disorder for 16 years - "a sickness that will take my life".

"What you did was beyond mean; it was evil", the woman said she wrote in a Facebook post to Johnson after the sexual assault.

Michael Skoler, president of Louisville Public Media, which owns the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, said everyone at the organization is "deeply sad". "I'm very sorrowful that she's in this dark place in her life".

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Mourning his death, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin tweeted, "Saddened to hear of tonight's death of KY Representative Dan Johnson.My heart breaks for his wife and children.These are heavy days in Frankfort and in America.May God shed His grace on us all.We sure need it". "PLEASE LISTEN CLOSELY, Only Three things I ask of you to do, if you love me is (1) blame no person, Satan is the accuser, so blame the Devil himself".

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