IOS and macOS universal app merge tipped for 2018

Apple may let the same app work on across iOS and Macs

iOS Apps Will Work on macOS in 2018, According to a New Report

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that Apple will adopt this approach to improve the app selection for Mac users.

As it stands today, developers are tasked with creating separate apps for iOS and macOS. In other words, as early as next year, the company could allow developers to develop a single application that would run on both iOS and macOS, two operating systems that have never been integrated in a way like this before.

The new project, which is reportedly code-named "Marzipan", aims to enable the creation of a single cross-platform app in such scenarios that would work just as well on a Mac as an iPhone or iPad. The move is aimed at freshening up the Mac App Store, which features fewer apps and versions that routinely lack the updates of their iOS counterparts. "It's the difference between a rich, modern Mac-app ecosystem, or a lot of potential Mac apps not existing at all or being relegated to shitty web/Electron apps". Numerous programs for Macs are also outdated. If Apple is able to successfully merge its apps, it would be pulling off a hard feat. The secret project, codenamed "Marzipan", is one of the tentpole additions for next year's Apple software road map.

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It remains to be seen how developers will be able to take advantage of the different UI paradigms on iOS and macOS with a single application.

Gurman notes it could also lay important groundwork for potentially combining the iOS and MacOS operating systems, though it's unclear if Apple is considering such a plan.

That's according to a report in Bloomberg, which has yet to be confirmed by the tech titan.

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Apple's apps initiative is part of a larger, longer-term push to make the underpinnings of its hardware and software more similar. Similarly, the latter recently introduced Android app compatibility for Chrome OS to widen the availability of apps for the platform.

Apple could be looking to bring its desktop and mobile software much closer together.

In Windows 10, Microsoft pushed developers to create tools that'd work equally well on desktop, tablet or smartphones, with the associated benefits of easy syncing between the formats.

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