Pokemon Go AR+ Mode Exclusive to iOS 11 Revealed

Pokemon GO

Possible to sneak up on Pokemon now

Even so, it had its limitations. But people tend to forget that Pokemon Go was also many people's first experience with augmented reality.

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Today Niantic Labs and the Pokemon Company, the entities behind the hugely successful Pokemon Go game, have announced a new set of features coming to iPhones.

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This might sound more involved than simply tapping on Pokemon from the map like you always have, but there is an advantage to using AR+. You can take more creative pictures with your Pokémon, as well as earn extra bonuses because in AR+ mode, Pokémon are actually aware of trainers. There also appears to be some sort of variable distance that players have to travel to catch a Pokemon - perhaps as a way to increase difficulty of the AR Plus mode for certain types of rare Pokemon. It's that which allows apps built on the platform to more accurately measure objects in the real environment as seen by the iPhone or iPad's camera.

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For that reason, you need to be running that version of the OS or a newer one in order to see the new functionality. Of course, sneaking up on an unsuspecting Pokemon may be the best option, because there are new bonuses in AR+ mode as well. Pokemon have awareness, meaning quick movement can startle them and cause them to flee. To reward Trainers who show sufficient tracking skills, there's a new Expert Handler bonus which will unlock a greater amount of XP and Stardust. There is no word yet on when or if the feature will come to Android, so this is an Apple exclusive for now.

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