Wine about it: Disaster date ends with $1.5 mn in art ruined

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Wine about it: Disaster date ends with $1.5 mn in art ruined

Buzbee said that Layman came to his home with others and that he had not met her prior to that evening. She tore the paintings off the wall, poured liquid on them and threw sculptures across the room, the complaint said.

Prosecutors said in court Wednesday that Lindy Lou Layman, a 29-year-old Dallas court reporter, was on the date with attorney Anthony Buzbee on December 23 when she allegedly went on her destructive spree, according to KHOU.

A lady blamed for obliterating three sketches and two models having a place with Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee and causing a huge number of dollars worth of harm showed up in court. That is when Buzbee called a moment Uber driver.

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Buzbee says the two returned to his home, but Layman turned out to be too drunk to continue their date, prompting his call for an Uber.

Layman was booked into the Harris County jail and released Monday after posting $30,000 bond. She's also accused of throwing and shattering two sculptures. "According to court documents, the resulting damage cost at least $300,000".

"Lindy Lou Layman "intentionally and knowingly" damaged multiple pieces of artwork" by Andy Warhol on December 23, said the New York Daily News. Later, when he tried calling a second Uber, she cursed at him and did the damage to the artwork, KHOU reported.

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Buzbee hosted a fundraiser for presidential candidate Donald Trump at the home in 2016, the Chronicle reports. Buzbee is a high-profile attorney who led the defense in former Texas Governor Rick Perry's abuse-of-power case, which was later dismissed.

Buzbee also made headlines previous year for parking a tank outside of his home, causing a brief fight with his homeowner's association.

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