U.S. envoy calls for emergency United Nations session on Iran

US dismisses North South Korea talks as'band-aid

US dismisses North South Korea talks as'band-aid

"The people of Iran are crying out for freedom. All freedom-loving people must stand with their cause", Nikki Haley told reporters at the UN's NY headquarters. "This is the precise picture of a long oppressed peoples rising up against their dictators". The worldwide community has a role to play on this.

"If the Iranian dictatorship's history is any guide, we can expect more outrageous abuses in the days to come", she warned. "The UN must speak out".

"We must not be silent", she said.

"The global community has a role to play on this", Haley urged.

"They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us".

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During a news conference at the United Nations on Tuesday, Ambassador Haley applauded the Iranian uprising. The demonstrations began Thursday, CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports, with a single demonstration in the eastern Iranian city of Mashhad, over economic hardship, and a dramatic jump in food prices in particular. At least 21 people have died as a result of the protests.

Haley gave no details of the missile test preparations.

The offer for high-level talks next Tuesday had been discussed with the United States, the South's unification minister said, while a decision on whether to push back a massive joint military drill between South Korea and the United States until after the Winter Olympics was pending. In 2009, the Green Revolution saw thousands of protesters in Iran taking to the streets to contest the recent reelection of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

South Carolina's senior senator also criticized the response of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the protests.

"We are still communicating with people in Iran on Facebook and Twitter and we're constantly updating those two sites in Farsi", said Goldstein. "We want to help amplify the voices of the Iranian people".

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Goldstein said that social media sites are "legitimate avenues of communication" and "people in Iran and throughout should have access to those sites". But Obama's critics say his hesitancy only emboldened the Iranian regime.

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"But it's not enough that we speak out", he added.

"These accusations seek also to cover up for the Saudi war crimes in Yemen, with U.S. complicity", a statement by the mission's spokesman read.

"We regret the reported loss of life, and we hope that further violence will be avoided. So North Korea can talk with anyone they want but the USA is not going to recognise it or acknowledge it until they agree to ban the nuclear weapons that they have".

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