A 'bomb cyclone' is about to blast the East Coast

Video: Snow in Florida?

Exploding Weather Myths: 'Bomb Cyclone' Explained

The cold weather pattern was expected to continue through the holiday weekend. "As exciting as this is, please use extreme caution if you are driving & don't expose yourself to the cold for too long without proper gear", said the Tallahassee Police Department along with the hashtags #SunshineState #SnowDay #WinterIsHere.

A strong winter storm may blast parts of northern Florida and southeast Georgia with ice and snow and produce a heavy snowfall in SC.

All day Thursday meteorologists are going to be glued to the new GOES-East satellite watching a truly unbelievable extratopical "bomb" cyclone off New England coast.

Ryan Maue of weather.us tweeted that meteorologists will be watching the "bomb" explode off the New England coast.

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The icy mix quickly moves out of Florida and Georgia by Wednesday evening and moves into the Carolinas where we are expecting 2 to 5 inches of snow. Hazardous travel is likely. It will be massive - fill up entire Western Atlantic off U.S. East Coast. "Pressure as low as Sandy and hurricane winds".

So what exactly is a "Bomb Cyclone", and just how anxious should you be about it?

Think of it as a winter hurricane.

Called a "bomb cyclone" because its pressure fell so quickly and indicated explosive strengthening, what is resembling a winter hurricane will hammer coastal locations from Georgia to ME with ice and snow.

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M eteorologists say that the storm is experiencing "bombogenesis", meaning rapid atmospheric pressure has fallen below 24 millibars in less than 24 hours.

"Some computer models are projecting a minimum central air pressure of below 950 millibars at its peak, which would be almost unheard of for this part of the world outside of a hurricane".

The word is a combination of cyclogenesis, which describes the formation of a cyclone or storm, and bomb, which is, well, pretty self-explanatory. It will be most intense over the open ocean near New England, but when it's gone the cold air behind it will flood south.

The technical term is bombogenesis but it's often called a "bomb cyclone".

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Many nor'easters - infamous big storms that wallop the East Coast - are the product of bombs, according to meteorologist Jeff Haby.

The New England region is expected to suffer temperatures colder than Alaska during the storm.


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