White Supremacist Charged With Terrorism After Alleged Attempt To Derail Train

Taylor Michael Wilson is accused of terrorism in Nebraska

Taylor Michael Wilson is accused of terrorism in Nebraska

A Missouri man with white supremacist links faces terrorism charges after he tried to hijack an Amtrak train in Nebraska, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in court documents revealed Thursday. The FBI says they found Wilson in the engineer's seat, "playing with the controls".

Wilson was found with a fully loaded.38 caliber handgun, along with several "speed loaders", and a business card from the National Socialist Movement, one of the most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the US, FBI Special Agent Monte Czaplewski wrote in the affidavit. He was later charged in Nebraska with felony criminal mischief and use of a deadly weapon during a felony. Among the items found were 11 AR-15 ammunition magazines, one drum-style ammunition magazine for a rifle, 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition, ammunition reloading supplies and a hand-made shield.

There were about 175 people aboard the train from California to Missouri when Wilson triggered the brakes, The Associated Press reported in October.

After the crew members subdued Wilson, he told them "I'm the conductor, bitch", according to court documents. The FBI believes he traveled with this group to the Charlottesville rally.

According to the affidavit filed in court, Wilson's cousin told Federal Bureau of Investigation agents that he belongs to a neo-Nazi group and had talked about "killing black people" before the incident.

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He said an acquaintance contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that Wilson had been acting odd since June and had joined an "alt-right" neo-Nazi group that he found while researching white supremacy forums online.

As the deputy handcuffed Wilson, the deputy discovered a loaded speedloader and a loaded.38 caliber handgun in the waistband of Wilson's trousers, the TV station reports.

Wilson "traveled with members of the "alt-right" Neo Nazi group to the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia", the cousin told investigators.

The incident unfolded October 23 when Wilson allegedly breached a secure area of an Amtrak train as it was passing through a rural area near Oxford, Nebraska, and applied the emergency break, bringing the train to a rapid halt in what authorities said was an attempt to derail and wreck the train. He later was found competent to proceed, according to court records.

This booking photo provided by Furnas County Sheriff's Office shows Taylor Wilson, a white supremacist accused of stopping an Amtrak train in Nebraska.

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Czaplewski also said he believed Wilson's firearms "have been used for or obtained in anticipation of engaging in or planning to engage in criminal offenses against the United States".

His father, Michael Wilson, who was aware of his son's stockpile of weapons, also provided the Federal Bureau of Investigation with15 firearms, including handguns and rifles, and a tactical body armor.

According to a St. Charles police, a black woman told police April 16, 2016, that a white man in a green SUV had pointed a gun at her for no apparent reason while the two drove eastbound on Interstate 70, Czaplewski wrote in the affidavit.

Last month, Wilson was ordered to have a mental competency evaluation. The car's license plate was traced to Wilson, who tried to turn himself in to police but would not say what he had done.

Twenty-six-year-old Taylor Michael Wilson allegedly broke into a secured area of an Amtrak train and stopped the train by applying the emergency brakes on October 22, 2017. According to Olney, Wilson and his white supremacist group were also responsible for putting up "whites only" signs at businesses in an unknown location. He was arrested December 23, a day after the complaint was filed under seal in federal court in Nebraska.

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