Keep pressure up on North Korea, Boris Johnson tells summit

US Now is Not the Time for Talks with N. Korea

Keep pressure up on North Korea, Boris Johnson tells summit

Korea painting competition.5 winners of the competition are going to visit PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games at South Korea in February.The competition witnessed the participation of 22,022 students from 290 schools in which total 43 students were awarded.

The proposed talks on Wednesday follow the decision during the second round of inter-Korean talks January 15 to send a 140-member orchestra from North Korea to the Games in South Korea.

The South Korean government is reviewing transportation and accommodation of the North Korean athletes to the Winter Games. "Based on experiences from the past, we will prepare to mobilize a sufficient police force", Lee said.

South Korean sports ministry spokesman Hwang Seong Un said the two Koreas have been discussing the make-up of a unified women's hockey team since a year ago when the North's International Olympic Committee representative, Chang Ung, visited South Korea along with his country's taekwondo demonstration team.

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There have been plenty of distractions in the buildup to the Games, including North Korea's participation and neighbourly tensions, the Russian doping scandal, potential protests against Donald Trump's presidency and the National Hockey League withholding its players.

The two Koreas met Monday for the second time in a week as they try to hammer out details for the North's participation in next month's Games, which the South sees as a way to calm tensions caused by Pyongyang's nuclear and missile tests. Since North Korea suggested using the land route for its art troupe to get to PyeongChang next month, there's speculation that the North will also try to use the land route for its other delegates.

There is also another debate surrounding the unification flag - whether marching together with North Korea under the unification flag has been really conducive to easing cross-border tensions on the Korean Peninsula?

Two of its figure skaters initially qualified for the Games, for example, and it's also possible that the two nations might dress an inter-Korean women's hockey team. It boycotted the last Olympics held in South Korea, in the summer of 1988, though it has attended a few global sporting events hosted by its neighbor in recent years.

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The issue is among those due to be discussed at the four-party meeting in Lausanne, to be chaired by IOC President Thomas Bach.

South Korea will host the 2018 Winter Games next month in PyeongChang, 180 kilometers east of Seoul, from February 9 to 25.

(Kor- ) "Hyon Song-wol, the leader of one of North Korea's most popular and iconic propaganda bands, Moranbong, joined the inter-Korean talks on Monday".

North Korea demands the return of its 12 citizens who defected to South Korea in 2016.

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