Okay, Google: why does Chromecast clobber WiFi connections?

Google says it is aware of the complaints and promised a fix as soon as possible

Google says it is aware of the complaints and promised a fix as soon as possible

Google's Home Max speaker was recently reported to temporary clog the Wi-Fi network with which it is connected - forcing users to force reset the modem. For the most part, only Chromecasts are available here in Malaysia; but those who have chose to bring the other Google Home products in on their own may want to hold off on connecting them to the local area network. The IoT connected devices, used for a vast array of daily activities, suddenly started to cause problems.

TP-Link offers two solutions to the problem: Firstly it says to perform a reboot of the router to release the memory. Additional time will be needed to fully explore the matter but if you've run into any Wi-Fi problems like those mentioned here, perhaps your first troubleshooting step should be to weed out potentially troublesome hardware on your network. You may also try disabling the "Cast" feature on your Android device to help mitigate the issue until an update is released to permanently fix this issue on the device itself.

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TP-Link has confirmed the issue, and WiFi routers from other companies are also reportedly affected. The issue has been slowly creeping out to other devices, though, with the Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Chromecast apparently having similar issues. The Cast feature normally sends packets of information at regular intervals to keep a live connection with products like Google Home.

The root cause of the issue seems to be the same that had earlier surfaced on Nexus Player previous year.

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In the same post, one of the engineers from TP-Link tried explaining what's causing the Wi-Fi modem outage.

As usual, Google has acknowledged the issue and said that its team is working on the problem and will quickly come out with a solution. The TP-Link engineers indicate that the issue exists due to multicast DNS (MDNS) packets that are broadcasted through Google Chromecast and Home in a huge amount and at a very high speed in a short amount of time.

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It's unclear if Google is aware of the situation and planning to implement a fix, but we will reach out to the company for a statement and update this article with any response.

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