The Next Big Thing for Nintendo Is … Cardboard?

The Next Big Thing for Nintendo Is … Cardboard?

The Next Big Thing for Nintendo Is … Cardboard?

If you've been online at any point for the past day or so then there's no doubt you've come across something highlighting Nintendo's newest endeavor: Nintendo Labo.

Called the Nintendo Labo, the Japanese video game maker announced two new accessory "kits" for the Switch, allowing players to build their own physical, cardboard add-ons to go along with corresponding games.

Nintendo also heavily emphasized customization with the new Labo accessories, showing that the cardboard can be colored in, or have stickers and accessories applied to them.

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In a sense, Nintendo Labo is a kind of toy that is more apparent considering they're made of cardboard.

The piano for instance works by inserting the right Joy-Con inside, which will then use the IR Motion Camera to detect which keys are being pressed as you play. The Robot Kit is pretty massive and will set you back $79.99. "Enjoy a variety of fun game-play experiences, including Robot mode, in which you can destroy in-game buildings and UFOs".

The Robot Kit, with its strings that attach to your hands and feet, looks particularly delicate. This game makes use of all the fancy gyroscopic tools that exist within the Switch's JoyCons, which is good, as otherwise there's really no point for the functionality to even exist. The Nintendo Labo pre-orders are now available on Amazon here. The Nintendo Labo kits can be quite intricate with multiple components and moving parts.

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That said, this is not the first time Nintendo is launching physical accessories that can integrate with games.

If you want to know more about the Nintendo Labo, check out our previous article for more details. What?source Nintendo And here, you can see a fishing pole. Because they're cardboard, you can just throw them away. The games will show you on-screen instructions on how to build the Toy-Cons. As a parent, shrugging off a $20 cardboard VR kit is one thing, but cardboard construction kits that start at $69.99 is another.

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