Crane Installations & Central Bank Injection — Yemen Humanitarian Developments

Shuai Mohammed Mghboul displays fragments of a missile in the northern town of Abs Yemen. In the air campaign by Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen’s Shiite rebels rights experts say there has been a pattern by the

Berlin Halts Sale of Weapons to Yemen War Belligerents

"Canada remains committed to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance support to our partners to help the Yemeni people", Ms. Bibeau is expected to say in a statement on Friday.

Germany will halt all arms exports to countries involved in the ongoing war in Yemen as coalition talks continue.

Prime Minister Ahmed bin Dagher said spending in the 2018 budget is projected at 1.5 trillion Yemeni riyals ($3.9 billion), with revenues estimated at 978 billion riyals ($2.6 billion).

The announcement comes amid mounting global criticism of the Saudi-led coalition's role in the war, particularly civilian deaths caused by airstrikes as well as coalition control of Yemen's ports, which are a lifeline for imports.

A generation of children is growing up in suffering and deprivation.

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In the meeting, Hamed affirmed the appreciation of the political leadership for the humanitarian efforts made by the United Nations official during his term in Yemen, wishing him success in his future tasks. "Now stop bombing and starving Yemeni civilians", Human Rights Watch's Executive Director Kenneth Roth wrote on Twitter about the new Saudi aid efforts.

A spokesperson for the coalition, in a statement responding to the report, said it was "unfair" to blame Saudi Arabia for the humanitarian situation in Yemen, adding that it had established an oversight mechanism which found that the coalition did not target civilians. The Saudis have been widely accused of using starvation as a weapon in neighbouring Yemen as they blockade shipments in service of the war they're waging against Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

The announcement came after Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud chose to transfer $2 billion to the Central Bank of Yemen last week, in an attempt to stabilise the collapsing Yemeni currency. Iran denies it has armed the rebels.

Since then the conflict has ground into a bloody stalemate, with more than 10,000 people killed and more than 2 million displaced.

Easing came in December, following a United Nations declaration that Yemen-where over 22 million require aid- is home to "the largest humanitarian crisis in the world".

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The US, which has provided logistical and intelligence support to the coalition and supplied it with weapons, last month called on Saudi leaders to immediately allow in all humanitarian aid.

US, UK, France and all other states selling arms to the #Saudi-led coalition must halt arms sales now!

Yemen was already the poorest country in the Arab world before a Saudi-led coalition went to war with Iran-allied rebels in March 2015 in a failed bid to drive them from the capital and much of the country's north.

The amount pledged represents about half that demanded by the its latest humanitarian appeal.

Unemployment is an especially grim prospect in a company wracked by three years of civil war and teetering on the edge of humanitarian catastrophe. Some 380 cases of suspected diphtheria were also reported, causing at least 38 deaths, nearly all among children.

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