Jerusalem: US embassy to move by end of 2019 - Pence

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence at the White House Washington D.C

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence at the White House Washington D.C

The US vice president has met with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but has been snubbed by the Palestinian President, angry about Donald Trump's controversial recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

One of the more poignant instances of the latter occurred during Pence's remarks to the Knesset, Israel's parliamentary body, when Arab members defiantly heckled the American vice president.

The date is earlier than some had expected when President Donald Trump declared last month that Jerusalem was Israel's capital and ordered the start of preparations for the embassy move. A member of the Knesset, Ayman Odeh, said that he and other Arab-Israeli lawmakers would boycott the speech.

The leaders of both Egypt and Jordan, the only Arab states that have peace treaties with Israel, would be key players if U.S. mediators ever manage to revive a stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, as Trump says he wants.

Vice President Pence is the highest-level US official to visit Israel since President Donald Trump's trip to the region last May, and the first American vice president to address the legislature.

Despite Abbas's comments on the Oslo accord and his insistence that the United States can no longer serve as mediator, Malki said he was still committed to the peace process - effectively frozen since 2014.

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Netanyahu also thanked Trump in the statement, referred to Pence as a "dear friend" and called the visit an opportunity "to further strengthen our remarkable alliance".

Based on the United Nations resolution 242, the accords called for a two-state solution with occupied East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestine state.

Pence is thought to have pushed hard for both Jerusalem's recognition as Israel's capital and relocation of the U.S. Embassy to the city.

David Parsons, a spokesman for Christian Zionism's International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, said it's a big tent movement with different views on end-time prophecy.

"Look, friends occasionally have disagreements and we agreed to disagree on the decision by the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel".

Littlejohn said her denomination works with Palestinian Christians and that she belongs to a grass-roots group engaged in peace efforts.

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Vice President Mike Pence gave a landmark speech to Israel's parliament. The European Union also wants the Palestinians to remain open to a USA -led peace plan, expected to be presented soon by Jason Greenblatt, Trump's Middle East envoy and Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner. Pence, who traveled to the Middle East despite a US government shutdown, made no statement on arrival in Israel.

"Today is an exciting day", said the minister, before describing Pence as "a great leader who really loves us with all his heart, not as a politician, but out of deep faith and understanding of the role and mission of the Jewish state".

Welcoming Pence to the parliament, Netanyahu said he was the first USA vice president to have been accorded the honour.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, calling Trump's declaration a "slap in the face", has rejected Washington as an honest broker in any future talks with Israel.

He was warmly received by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his arrival and was greeted by a ceremonial Israel Defense Forces honor guard normally formed only for national leaders, prior a closed-door meeting with Netanyahu.

"What would be ideal would be to undertake a peace initiative together with the Americans", Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said.

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Welcoming his visitor, Netanyahu said: "Mr".

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