'Super blue blood moon': A rare celestial event awaits skywatchers this Wednesday

Rain showers over the Bundaberg region

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Which means anyone who's interested in seeing a super blue moon total eclipse will have to wake up extra early on Thursday morning. In certain parts of the world, it'll be possible to see a total lunar eclipse, which can give the moon a reddish hue when the Earth comes between the sun and our satellite, hence the name "blood moon". For us, the moon will set at 6:44, and the show will be over as the moon sinks below the horizon 80% eclipsed. Around 4:50 a.m., the lighter part of earth's shadow will touch the moon. A "supermoon" happens when the moon is closest to Earth in orbit - known as perigee - and appears brighter and bigger than usual.

A blue moon normally occurs once every 30 months. She said Oregonians will be able to see the Total Lunar Eclipse, as long as its dark outside.

What exactly is the Super Blue Blood Moon?

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The good news: 100% chance of seeing the blue moon. A second full moon in a calendar month is called a blue moon.

An extremely rare celestial event will be taking over the skies on January 31 - a "Super Moon Eclipse" will occur. About an hour later, the partial eclipse will begin in the Central time zone, and the full eclipse begins just before 7 a.m. For the first time in a 150 years in North America - a supermoon, a blue moon, and a blood moon will align. At this point, the moon will already be rather low in the western sky, as the moon sets at 6:46AM. This happens when the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, which causes the moon to appear slightly red in color, hence the term blood moon.

But one issue if you want to watch this event is the timing.

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Though the Moon will be in the Earth's shadow during the eclipse, it will reflect the small amount of light from the Sun.

The eclipse is promised to be "extra special" for those in the United States and other parts of the world.

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