Black unemployment jumped in January up from record low

Black unemployment jumped in January up from record low

Trump can't cite his favorite stat about black unemployment being the “lowest ever” anymore

On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics seemingly confirmed that Democratic argument, putting out data showing that the black unemployment rate spiked by 0.9% last month.

Two days later, during his State of the Union Address, President Trump again bragged about the unemployment rate among African Americans.

When asked this week what specifically the administration was doing to combat black unemployment, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders pointed to the GOP-passed tax reform package as a means to help "all Americans".

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Republicans have been attacking Democrats for not standing and applauding when Trump talked about unemployment in the Black community during the State of the Union.

Don't expect President Trump to tweet any time soon about Black unemployment.

That 7.7% rate is the highest since January 2017, when Trump took office. It's important to note that Democrats are just as happy about good unemployment news as anyone else, certainly for Black people in America.

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The unemployment rate for black Americans remains in a long-term cyclical decline - down from a peak of 16.8% in March 2010.

CNN had aired a special interview with Jay-Z the evening before in which he said Trump's slur toward African countries showed the president was "looking down on a whole population of people".

In one case, Trump tweeted about the record-low rate in response to criticism from the rapper and businessman Jay-Z. In tweets, the State of the Union, and at the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, he bragged that the black unemployment rate in the U.S. is the "lowest ever recorded". He also addressed Trump's touting of the record-low rate.

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