'Jesus gave us the flu shot' says Trump religious adviser Copeland

Ana Martinez a medical assistant at the Sea Mar Community Health Center gives a patient a flu shot in Seattle

'Jesus gave us the flu shot' says Trump religious adviser Copeland

This year so far alone, 53 children have died from flu-related complications, and the CDC has officially declared a nationwide flu epidemic that hasn't even hit its peak yet.

"If you say, 'Well, I don't have any symptoms of the flu, ' well, great!"

In the midst of one of the most deadly flu outbreaks in recent history, Fort Worth-based televangelist Gloria Copeland denied the existence of flu season.

She posted a video on her husband's ministry's Facebook page January 31st and told more than one million followers that flu season doesn't exist.

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Copeland suggested people attempting to avoid catching the flu repeat the mantra: "I'll never have the flu", and inoculating themselves with the word of God. "We've got a duck season, a deer season, but we don't have a flu season".

Almost 2,900 people have died in Texas from either influenza or pneumonia since the season started on October 1, according to a February 2 report from the state Health and Human Services Department. When we were healed, we are healed so get on the word, stay on the word.

To Copeland, the wife of self-proclaimed billionaire televangelist Kenneth Copeland, "the flu is not a season we have around here because Jesus bore all our sickness on the cross".

"To get a vaccine would have been viewed by me and my friends and my peers as an act of fear - that you doubted God would keep you safe". Ahead of the 2016 election, Kenneth Copeland said that Christians who don't vote for Trump "are going to be guilty of murder", are "guilty of an abomination to God", and are "guilty of every baby that's aborted", in video posted by Right Wing Watch. "We simply didn't do it", a former church member, Amy Arden, told the AP at the time.

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Her proposal to "flu vaccine" is the return to the Scriptures. "Inoculate yourself with the word of God". According to the CDC, 9.7% of all United States deaths in the first week of February were due to the flu and pneumonia.

Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in young children than in adults.

"It's NOT flu season!" CDC officials predict the number of pediatric deaths is likely to approach or exceed the 148 deaths reported during the especially severe flu season of 2014 and 2015.

Last week, the CDC said flu hospitalizations have reached their highest point in almost a decade, and that 48 states are experiencing widespread illnesses due to the virus.

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