IPhone source code leaked online could mean payday for hackers

Image Apple

Image Apple

Apple is not happy at all today with some of its critical source code having been posted online for the world to see.

The code posted on GitHub is for the iOS 9.3 version of iBoot, a vital component of iOS which ensures the booting of the operating system. With iBoot, hackers will be able to find flaws and bugs in the iOS easily and crack or decrypt iPhones.

The code, labeled "iBoot", is responsible for loading up iOS and verifying the kernel is "properly signed" by Apple.

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iBoot is the first program that boots when an iPhone is turned on.

For a brief moment Thursday morning, a section of iOS 9's source code was widely available on GitHub.

On its takedown notice, Apple has acknowledged that the leaked iBoot process, while centered on iOS 9, still have code entries that can be connected to iOS 11.

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'It's a huge deal, ' Jonathan Levin, who writes books about iOS system programming, said in an interview with Motherboard.

Some developers and other experts called the leak 'unprecedented, ' and warned that the code could be used to jailbreak or hack iOS devices. Considering this is the second time the code leaked, and it's been downloaded from GitHub multiple times since yesterday, Apple has a couple big problem on its hands: what vulnerabilities will people find, and how someone could leak the code in the first place. "It is not open-source", the request, filed by the legal firm of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton said. It is thus likely mostly a concern for users of older iOS devices lacking the "secure enclave", a hardware security feature found in all Touch ID devices since the iPhone 5s. We now don't know who is behind the leak, and Apple declined Motherboard's request for comment. But it gives visibility into what the code does so anyone looking to reverse engineer iOS and write exploits can use this to make their job much easier. As more jailbreaks come out that take advantage of these vulnerabilities, there's a high probability that Apple will take all steps possible in order to keep their phones locked down.

Interestingly, the same source code was also published on Reddit four months earlier by a user named apple_internals.

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