Woman has British accent after medical procedure

Michelle was Miss Black Austin Texas

Michelle was Miss Black Austin Texas

KNXV reports that Michelle Myers isn't making it up, and something similar actually happened to her twice before.

"Everybody only sees or hears Mary Poppins", Myers, a former Texas beauty queen with seven kids, told KNXV-TV. The first occurrence left her sounding Irish, and the second time gave Myers an Australian accent. Her British accent shows no signs of going away, and she hadn't been able to break through it on her own.

The condition was first documented in 1907, when a French neurologist saw a patient who suffered a stroke and suddenly began speaking with an Alsatian accent, a different region than where the man lived, Horton writes. They all started with an extreme headache and ended in a freakish change in speech - first Irish, then Australian and now British, the station reports.

Doctors said Myers isn't "a loon" and she isn't faking it, she has a condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome, which usually follows a stroke or other condition that causes neurological damage.

In this current episode, however, the British accent has persisted for about two years, she said.

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Myers said the accent issue has come up three times in the past seven years.

Myers says she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes easy bruising and painful joints.

FAS is a rare condition - one that's affected fewer than 100 people in the last century.

Myers also suffers from a condition known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which could be linked with her transient accents, according to Daily News. This alters the way the person speaks (the rhythm and tone, for example), causing their speech to sound like a foreign accent. In 2010, a woman in Virginia reportedly spoke with a Russian accent after she fell down the stairs and hit her head, says The Washington Post. I feel like myself, it's just it comes out differently.

The mom said she longs to return to her usual manner of speaking.

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"I am an author and public speaker, so when my voice changed, I lost the person that did all those things".

But her outlook is positive.

"The person I am now has been through so much, compared to the person here".

Myers' chief concern is that she be taken seriously by those in her life.

She continued: "I have some incredible family and friends, who've helped me to realise I'm still the same person - I just sound different".

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Above all, she wants people to take her seriously saying: "Some people think it's physiological; others think it's psychological".

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