Zimbabwean Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Dies in South Africa

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

He labeled the International Monetary Fund an organization of "devils".

In 1999 he founded the MDC, which attracted support from blacks and whites and in rural and urban areas.

The MDC described Tsvangirai as a hero who had "left his footprints on the sands of history", in large part through his tussles - both literal and figurative - with Mugabe.

Xisbiga MDC ayaa ka fekeryay musharaca doorashada sanadka ka dhacaysa Zimbabwe ugu tartami lahayd, maadaama uu xanuunsanayay Tsvangirai.

After Mugabe was overthrown, there was fevered speculation that Mnangagwa would seek a more inclusive form of rule than that of the leader he had just ousted. But while they chose armed resistance from exile in the front-line states bordering what was then Rhodesia, Tsvangirai became a labour union leader, defending workers' rights and rising through the ranks.

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But he will also leave a legacy of bitter divisions in MDC-T as he had no succession plans, observers said. Tsvangirai walked away from crash, but Susan was killed. The decision angered supporters who said he was betraying those who died in support of his cause.

For Tsvangirai, the deal began in personal tragedy and ended in political failure.

But just days after being sworn in, Tsvangirai and his wife, Susan, were involved in a horrific vehicle accident. The head-on collision was rumored to be a botched attempt to assassinate Tsvangirai, who was injured.

Tsvangirai's career was not without controversy.

In January, Mr Tsvangirai suggested he would be stepping down, saying he was "looking at the imminent prospects of us as the older generation leaving the levers of leadership to allow the younger generation to take forward this huge task".

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Many observers believed Tsvangirai had in fact won outright.

He had six children from his first marriage.

Still bearing the scars of his treatment by police - an outrage that bolstered his popularity - Tsvangirai beat Mugabe in a first round vote but was forced to pull out of a run-off due to a campaign of violence against his supporters.

He joined ZANU-PF in 1980 after Zimbabwe's independence and rose quickly through the ranks.

"Mugabe was an amazingly adroit political maneuverer".

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