Steam's New Year Lunar Sale updates wishlists

Steam's New Year Lunar Sale updates wishlists

Steam's New Year Lunar Sale updates wishlists

Furthermore, users can filter by the level of discount a game is now at.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale will end on February 19, so hurry up and purchase thousands of games probably you will never play! Not only are there a slew of discounts available, but Valve has also updated the Steam Wishlist with some new features. Many have dozens of games in their wishlist, but what if you're only in the mood for an RPG?

Steam's New Year Lunar Sale updates wishlists
Steam's New Year Lunar Sale updates wishlists

Other filters include certain price thresholds, operating system support and whether they're on sale or not. Filtering options have also been added for tags and genres, and there's a new filter option to hide Early Access games until they've reached full release status.

Note: The combination of filters and sort-orders that you pick will automatically save and apply when you visit your Wishlist again in the future. On the surface this seemed like a straight-forward request, and in most cases it turned out to work just fine.

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The changes to the Wishlist come as a result of feedback from users. Some games even add or change the offers available over time, so we wouldn't want to make assumptions about which version you are ultimately interested in when you hit "add to cart". Tags have been added to the wishlist viewer for all games, and the search option now extends to these tags in addition to game titles. However, this is only available for games with only a single purchase option-those with multiple editions will require you to go to the store page, so as to save you from purchasing a version that isn't exactly what you're looking for.

There's also the ability to add items to the cart directly from the wishlist, which cuts down on clicks.

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