Woman Arrested After Posing As A Groom To Get Dowry During Wedding

Indian woman arrested after posing as man & marrying 2 females for dowries

A couple participates in Hindu rituals during a marriage ceremony in India

In a freakish and bold case of fraud, a woman called Sweety Sen from Bijnor, pretended to be a man and married two women in order to get dowries out of them. She became friends with a woman through Facebook and married her in 2014.

Sen was traced by police and arrested on Wednesday. According to the police, she told the Uttarakhand woman, known as Kamini, that she was the son of a businessman from Aligarh. The "second wife", identified as Nisha, was present during Sen's first wedding as a guest. The lady used to pose as a man in order to look attractive and entice other females on social media platform, Facebook and later on got married to the 2 women. As the two women got married, Sen allegedly started manhandling Kamini for dowry. The second wife told police Sen kept trying to harass her family for a dowry, which ultimately led to her arrest.

"Although the initial case was related to dowry harassment, we have modified the complaint since the accused was revealed to be a woman after a medical examination and not the husband against whom the complaint was initially made", he said.

"We had no clue that Sen was a woman". She also told police that during both the marriages she had "fake" physical relationship using sex toys due to which the women failed to find out about her gender. The woman is also alleed to have tortured one of her "wives" for dowry.

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Sweety took dowry of Rs. 8.5 lakh from Kamini's family and later started beating her for more dowry, Kamini said.

"The girl from Kaladhungi came to know that Krishna was not a man, but she lured her to keep silent by promising her money. I don't want to live with her now", said another victim.

According to Janmejay Khanduri, a Nainital SSP, 22-year-old Sweety Sen was recently taken into custody and charged with torture.

Another victim Nisha said, "We were married for two years, I found the truth about her later".

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However, the Hindustan Times reported that Sen faces charges of impersonation, fraud, and forgery.

But her former in-laws lodged a police complaint accusing her of harassing their daughter for a dowry. She created a profile by the name of Krishna Sen in 2013.

Sen was sent to Haldwani jail on Wednesday evening.

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