MLB Announces Rule Changes For 2018 Season To Improve Pace Of Play

MLB announces pace-of-play changes for 2018 season

MLB announces pace-of-play changes for 2018 season

Under the new rule, each team would get an additional mound visit without a pitching change for each extra inning. A manager or coach trip to the mound to meet with the pitcher shall constitute a visit.

Teams won't be penalized for a mound visit if a pitcher might be injured, or after an offensive substitution.

I think I finally understand the truth as to why Joe Girardi isn't returning to the Yankees dugout for his 11th season (sarcasm alert).

In general, Bochy said he's all in on speedier games and fewer mound visits. That remains the same. A second visit in an inning by a manager or coach still results in a pitching change.

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The impetus for Monday's announcement was the tedium of unlimited meetings between the pitcher and catcher, which stifle the action.

Position players going to the mound to clean their spikes during rainy conditions.

Any visit involving a potential injury.

A visit after a pinch-hitter is announced. Should the club use all of its mound visits before the completion of the game, it's then up to the discretion of the home plate umpire to grant the catcher an exemption for things such as a pitch cross-up or injury. Major League Baseball said it had "decided to defer" the clock issue this season.

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25 seconds remaining: Umpires directs pitcher to complete final warm-up pitch.

As for the on-deck batter, he will be announced at the 20-second mark and must enter the batter's box before the timer expires.

A pitcher is also no longer guaranteed eight warmup pitches between innings, but he can take as many as he wants within the countdown rules. Major league baseball hopes this helps keep the breaks in between innings shorter.

Between innings: Timer begins immediately after the final out is recorded. For real change to come in the time of a game, the league will have to find new and creative ways to shorten commercial breaks while still generating revenue for advertisers.

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As for the timer, there are no automatic ball/strike penalties. The rules, which will be implemented in time for spring training games, do not include a between-batter timer. Would it harm the quality of play and adversely affect pitchers who might have to speed up their arms? Repeat offenders of the rule could be subject to a fine, although there won't be any punishment for violating the rule during a game. He instead used his power to unilaterally impose the rules in the second year of the collective bargaining agreement, which went into effect before last season. They've merely tabled talks for this year. Despite rumors that a 20-second clock was in play and the leader of the sport would put it in regardless of player feedback, it didn't happen. It certainly sounds like something nearing a pitch clock to me. The MLBPA won this battle. I was pro-pitch clock, but that isn't happening. Expect MLB and Manfred to revisit the topic after the season.

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