Doctors encourage flu vaccine late in season

Sharda Modi

Doctors encourage flu vaccine late in season

"What we're seeing now is a decrease in the amount of the strain that was less effective by the flu vaccine".

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"By looking closely at the available data and applying the lessons we learn each flu season to the vaccine development process, we offer the greatest chance of developing vaccines that even more effectively prevent the flu in the future", Dr. Gottlieb wrote. The CDC suggests that's when all individuals receive the universal flu shot. "Unfortunately, there will be another flu season to come".

The CDC says the effectiveness rate of the vaccine is 36 percent overall.

The CDC subsequently did not include it in their list of recommended vaccines.

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Although flu vaccines cover three to four strains, there are a number of strains circulating at one time, making it tough to nail down the right ones.

The treatment's poor performance was seen as a blow to childhood flu vaccinations. H3N2 (A) has been one of the most common strains, and according to Douglas, the vaccine rate of effectiveness has been about 25 percent. Typical strains included in the vaccine are H1N1, H3N2 and B, according to NBC News.

Here in Tift County, there have been roughly 490 confirmed flu cases at Tift Regional Medical Center as of February 18, according to data from Tift Regional Health Systems.

The gap in protection has been especially problematic over the past few seasons, and scientists say the issue likely stems from a combination of factors, but especially an egg-adaptation that has been identified in the vaccine strain used to make egg-based vaccines.

"I think it will promote even further immunization of children with influenza vaccine and that's just terribly, terribly important", said Schaffner. "Influenza virus is not transmitted by environmental surfaces to any degree". The vaccines did do much better for other viruses that are also causing the flu this season. In recent weeks, 13 children have died from the disease in the United States, bringing the total to 97. It can not be a reason for the outbreak of flu which is become a cause of many deaths.

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Looked at one way, the flu shot is not having a great year.

The research on the new formulation of the drug has instead matured in such a way that AstraZeneca's announcement comes in the midst of another risky flu season.

This year's flu vaccine has proven, in some cases, not to be very effective.

The second shot may be necessary if parents have a child under eight-years-old who got vaccinated for the first time this season.

"There's no guarantee that the new nasal spray vaccine will enhance the uptake of the influenza vaccine in children".

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While it will never get to 100 percent, Higa was optimistic the flu shot would improve.

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