Leaked BlackBerry Ghost is a premium smartphone made especially for India

Leaked BlackBerry Ghost is a premium smartphone made especially for India

Leaked BlackBerry Ghost is a premium smartphone made especially for India

This high-end phone will be made by Indian telecommunications giant Optiemus after it acquired the license past year to develop and sell BlackBerry products in the country.

BlackBerry Mobile's new brand owners TCL Communication are looking to customers in the Middle East to lift handset sales, a senior executive told The National, as the newly re-launched smartphone brand struggles to generate traction internationally.

Of the three licensees, only Optiemus Infracom hasn't released its own BlackBerry phone yet. Nearly two years ago, BlackBerry said it would outsource its smartphone making business to development partners, and that could probably be the reason Optiemus is the main driving force of the "Ghost". The tweet also reveals the design of the phone with a render. Unfortunately, the device will only be available in India and won't actually be made by Blackberry nor TCL.

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Think Blackberry and one of the first things that come to mind are that they make QWERTY phones. As of now, the exact launch timeline of the upcoming BlackBerry Ghost has not been specified, however we can expect the premium smartphone launch in the next few months.

With BlackBerry, that could mean very differently to what's typically expected.

850,000 units is less than 1 percent of the premium smartphone market, leaving BlackBerry Mobile and TCL trailing behind competition such as Samsung and Apple, according to The Verge. What is also striking is the omission of a keyboard, which is generally a characteristic feature in BlackBerry phones. The BlackBerry KeyOne for instance arrived previous year with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. As of now, the information should be taken with a pinch of salt because there is no word if the phone will come with absolutely no bezel like the iPhone X or any other premium Android phones.

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BlackBerry is making a bezel-less phone in India.

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