Geneva Motor Show 2018: Rimac C_Two disappears before you blink

2018 Geneva Motor Show Rimac C_2 image

Geneva Motor Show 2018: Rimac C_Two disappears before you blink

The auto is rated at 1,914 horsepower. With nearly 2,000hp, this machine can go 0-60 in 1.85 seconds and hit a top speed of 415 kph (258 mph). To put that in perspective, it's more power than a Bugatti Chiron and Civic Type-R combined. With an adaptive suspension, Pirelli performance tires and six-piston Brembo calipers in all corners clamping down on carbon ceramic discs, the auto is capable of covering two laps of the Nurburgring at full bore with a minimal drop in performance, Rimac says.

Croatian carmaker Rimac packs a punch with the Concept Two and its off-the-scale performances. Despite the integrated batteries and other touches created to lighten things, it still tips the scales at 1,950 kg (about 4,300 pounds), which is a lot for a supercar.

2018 Geneva Motor Show Rimac C_2
Geneva Motor Show 2018: Rimac C_Two disappears before you blink

No traditional key is needed to get into the C Two. At the same time, it'll make sure that you don't get into trouble thanks to advanced, intelligent traction control. The Concept Two will have Level 4 self-driving capability, according to Rimac founder Mate Rimac, though we'll believe that when we see it (there are now zero road cars with that capability).

Speaking of features, Rimac C_Two gets eight cameras, six radars, a lidar and twelve ultrasonic sensors that enables auto braking, lane assist and self-driving functions.

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That's just the start of the tech craziness.

And instead of a key, it uses facial recognition technology to allow owners to unlock and start the vehicle.

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If you want to read all about this incredible auto, go here. If you look like you'd rather not drift around a hairpin, it can set the Concept Two for "cushy". The high-profile crash of their breakout model, the Rimac Concept One at the Hemburg Hill Climb in Switzerland by Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond, saw the vehicle burn to the ground. With level 4 ready hardware on-board this is one of the smartest and most connected cars in the world. There's no word on price, but expect to see up to seven digits in that figure.

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