PUBG New Maps: PUBG 4×4 Map, Adriatic and Xbox Miramar

39;PUBG' unfurls 2018 roadmap new maps modes emotes and more

The"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 4x4km map is to enter a public testing phase in April 2018More

One of the largest updates in the post is a new map that is considerably smaller than anything the game's had before.

PUBG are now ready to reveal the game's development roadmap for 2018 and it looks like content updates are going to be fairly regular. Players are remarkably creative when it comes to finding the limits of every new idea that's brought to a game this big, and the experimental test server seems like it will give those players new ideas to play with.

The addition of a second test server will give the development team more freedom to try odd or risky ideas without disrupting the experience for players who want to seriously test new features or just play the standard version of the game.

There's also another eight km by eight km map in the works, too.

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As is to be expected, new vehicles and weapons are also in the works, and the blog teased a new 7.62 weapon that will be coming "soon" to the test server.

New 4x4 PUBG map release date expectations - when will the 4x4 map be available?

New animations are going to be introduced to both third-person and first-person game modes, including but not limited to entering vehicles and clambering over walls.

PUBG Corp. published their latest update to PUBG yesterday evening. You'll see new achievements, in-game friend lists and suqad voice chat in the main menu, plus some extra character customization features like parachute and weapon skins.

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Finally, game stability is being targeted as well as anti-cheat methods and server security. "This year we want to further improve the live spectator tool, but also integrate a replay system for spectators to use during live matches". No forward-facing changes appear to be planned, like a reworked leaderboard system or publically-shared MMR, but maintaining a competitive environment is clearly still in PUBG Corps.' periphery.

Today's 2018 roadmap for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is hopefully everything players have been hoping to hear for some time. Additional player customisation options and a test server for upcoming patch releases are also in the offing. Certain topics commonly discussed by the community may have been absent from the roadmap, like balance and crates, but those were likely beyond the scope of the roadmap.

Just like any online game with a huge pool of players and vast popularity, PUBG aims to eventually enter into eSports.

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