Monster Hunter World Upcoming Weapon Changes Listed, Watch Deviljho Take on Bazelgeuse

Monster Hunter World Upcoming Weapon Changes Listed, Watch Deviljho Take on Bazelgeuse

Monster Hunter World Upcoming Weapon Changes Listed, Watch Deviljho Take on Bazelgeuse

Completing an unannounced set of conditions will unlock the special assignment quest for the new monster. This announcement comes from the official Monster Hunter World Twitter account, confirming that your cute and fluffy friends will be able to dress up in the most awesome, blue pixel suit around to suit to satisfy your Mega Man needs.

Players will be able to harvest the Deviljho's parts to craft two new sets of armor: Vangis Alpha and Vangis Beta, adding to the huge numbers of other armor sets that players can craft already, along with being able to serve as upgrade materials and crafting materials for all 14 different weapon categories.

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The major Monster Hunter World update will also include a "Spring Blossom Fest" event, which will include daily activities and will re-decorate the camp to a more festive atmosphere. Since this is the first major monster being added to the game we can expect a challenging fight, especially considering how much time players have dedicated to the game since it launched in January. Look forward to celebrating the Spring Blossom Festival that will run from April 5 to April 18 with hunters around the world.

During the same time period, a new rocket-powered Great Sword weapon, the Wyvern Ignition will also be available, presumably earned through an event quest.

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The March update is also going to introduce plenty of balance changes for most weapon types as well as new features. For more information, visit Capcom's Unity Blog. Capcom hasn't shared any details yet about what the quest will entail, but it will be available from April 13-27 and reward players with tickets to craft the voxel-style gear for their Palico; when equipped, it will play different classic Mega Man tunes depending on what weapon you're using. Every player will get one voucher for free on 22nd March, and further vouchers will be available to purchase at a later date.

A quality of life improvement will be added, as well, with the option to return to the gathering hall after a quest has been completed.

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