Skyrim VR is coming to Steam on April 3rd

Bethesda brings PSVR chart-topper Skyrim VR to SteamVR PCs on April 3

Skyrim VR releases on Steam next month for $60

In addition to the VR version, Bethesda also remastered the dragon-slaying sequel for current-generation consoles in the shape of Skyrim: Special Edition, and also brought the game to Switch a year ago to boot.

Skyrim VR on PC will include all previously released DLC packs. Now, if Bethesda could only get to work on the next iteration of the Elder Scrolls series already, we'd all appreciate that.

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If you thought the original Skyrim was immersive, you are in for a treat: Skyrim VR offers new controls for virtual reality movement, combat, magic etc.

While most Elder Scrolls fans are probably wondering when Bethesda will finally reveal The Elder Scrolls VI, it turns out the company isn't quite finished with its long line of Skyrim ports. The base game plus its three DLCs (Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire) will all be fully implemented in the VR version; the only thing that will really be different are the controls and the perspective, obviously. Skyrim has been one of my favorite gaming experiences ever, and adding the VR touch to this classic is exciting.

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Though we're almost seven years removed from its original debut, Skyrim refuses to die, and this SteamVR makes three re-releases for the title within the last year (with PSVR and the Nintendo Switch version). Are you excited to play Skyrim in VR on your computer?

Skyrim VR will be something that's instantly familiar to those who are already well acquainted with the standard version.

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