Activision may be the next developer to make a Battle Royale game

Fortnite 3.3 Update Patch Notes Are Now Available to Read

Fortnite 3.3 Update Patch Notes Are Now Available to Read

If you didn't sign up earlier this week, you can still do so on Epic's website. This roll out will continue slowly over the next couple of weeks, and then the publisher should launch Fortnite in the App Store proper for anyone who wants it.

For those who did receive the invite, once you download the program you will be prompted to login using the account (Epic Games, Xbox, PS4, etc) that they specified when they signed up for the event.

Fortnite developer Epic Games announced today it will be holding a Fortnite: Battle Royale tournament with a mix of celebrities and pro gamers at this year's E3.

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Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to mobile devices!

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. Still if a right balance is found, it's Fortnite in your pocket - something you can't do with any other version of the game just yet (my world for a Switch port). V3.1 also adds the Hunting Rifle to the game, allowing you to practice your no-scopes.

Fortnite Battle Royal has taken the gaming community by storm. So at 2GB download, best not waste the space and mobile data if you don't actually have the capacity to play it. They've listed devices as old as the iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 as compatible with Fortnite, but they will not work. But here you'll find out how and when you'll be able to get it on your device. Wait for a couple of more days and you should see the game live in the inbox.

If you have already played Fortnite on another device, you can opt to have your progress in those games matched to your account.

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How to download the game on iOS device? No official release date has been given but Epic has said that it'll come in a few months.

Like most reviewers, Brian Crecente over at Rolling Stone's Glixel praised Fortnite mobile for being a faithful recreation of the core game, but had concerns over the controls. Kotaku have had their hands on the iOS version and pointed out some small differences, like a proximity radar that gives you some information about close players that isn't present on any other version.

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