Reasons Why's second series will feature cast warning about show's 'tough topics'

13 Reasons Why Cast

Katherine Langford from Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. Courtesy

The actors featured: Katherine Langford who plays Hannah Baker, Justin Prentice who plays Bryce Walker, Dylan Minnette who plays Clay Jensen and Alisha Boe who plays Jessica Davis.

Two-thirds of parents who took the study said they wanted the cast to break character and directly address the audience on ways viewers could seek support if they needed to, hence the video.

"13 Reasons Why" is undergoing some changes in Season 2 to help facilitate discussions between parents and teens about hard topics like suicide, bullying, and sexual assault. It suggests that if a viewer is struggling with these issues, he or she may want to avoid the show or watch it with a trusted adult.

"The hope is that the steps we're taking now will help support more meaningful conversations as Season 2 rolls out later this year", vice president Brian Wright wrote.

Adding a warning video at the start of the second run of 13 Reasons Why will hopefully answer some of buzzes that have been circling the series that talks about suicide, bullying, rape, and self-harm.

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Critics and experts said the show glamorized suicide and sexual assault, according to the Deseret News.

Production on season two wrapped before the study was completed, so the results of the investigation will not have had any impact on the show's creative.

Following her death Hannah posthumously sends out 13 tapes, the contents of which contain the 13 reasons why she killed herself, which are nearly all fellow students. "Because the minute that you start talking about it, it gets easier".

But US star Selena Gomez, who is one of 13 Reasons Why's executive producers, has previously spoken out and defended the programme.

Netflix just a released a new video equipping teenagers and adults with helpful tips on suicide and other mental health issues.

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The trailer does a decent jobs setting up the circumstances of the story, and it offers some chilling (and chilly) glimpses at a desolate Scandinavian world, but the official synopsis offers more details as to what the series is actually about.

The popular streaming site also launched a discussion guide at, which features advice from mental health experts.

Despite the warnings, Netflix chose to renew the show for a second season.

Netflix has heard your concerns about 13 Reasons Why and will implement some major changes for Season 2.

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