Waymo, a Google Spinoff, Ramps Up Its Driverless-Car Effort

The Jaguar deal will expand upon a fleet of self-driving cars that Waymo has been gradually building in partnership with Fiat Chrysler since 2015

Waymo, a Google Spinoff, Ramps Up Its Driverless-Car Effort

Waymo is launching its self-driving auto service to the general public in Arizona this year, and numerous early test riders seem pleased, if the short promo video we saw can be believed, often thanking the vehicle itself for a ride into the future. The specially modified Jaguar I-Pace cars will begin testing there later this year. Even more heartfelt thanks to ensue, we'd imagine.

Autonomous vehicle company Waymo is about to gain another 20,000 electric cars to its fleet thanks to a new partnership with Jaguar.

This Jaguar deal will eventually add to Waymo's fleet of self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans equipped with its self-driving technology. The Alphabet company's autonomous transportation service is due to launch in 2018, though it's expected to take until 2020 for the Jaguar to join the fleet in earnest.

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The driverless I-Pace SUVs will be available as part of Waymo's driverless taxi service.

The partnership between Jaguar - owned by India's Tata Group, along with Land Rover - and Waymo is among the first instances of luxury brands combining with a tech company to push forward autonomous systems. Speth says his company is already getting strong interest in the I-Pace from interested customers. Krafcik said the company will announce the second market to receive the service later this year.

Waymo appears to be moving very quickly with its plans and earlier this month posted a video of Early Riders enjoying (or sleeping through) their first lifts in a self-driving auto. "That's the world we're building". The Waymo executive very boldly assured everyone last week that he had "a lot of confidence" that his company's technology would've stopped before hitting her. According to the CEO, the 20,000-unit fleet is capable of servicing 1 million trips per day. The Pacifica is now alongside a small vehicle, an SUV, a semi-truck and a firefly prototype.

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Waymo has teamed up with Jaguar for its next robotaxi.

Waymo has been testing five different types self-driving vehicles over the years, and now it's adding another to its expanding autonomous fleet: an all-electric Jaguar I-PACE SUV. And for Jaguar Land Rover, the arrangement gives it a ready market for the new electric SUV, a key advantage at a time when electric vehicles in the US still make up a tiny fraction of sales.

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