Desperate to Regain Trust, Facebook Refreshes Privacy Tools

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Desperate to Regain Trust, Facebook Refreshes Privacy Tools

Most of the security page updates have been in the works for some time, "but the events of the past several days underscore their importance".

"In the coming weeks, we'll be proposing updates to Facebook's terms of service that include our commitments to people".

The company takes this "delete it if you want to" notion a step further, because Facebook finally feels that its users are grown up enough to manage their own information.

Finally, Facebook will allow users to securely manage information and posts shared on the platform, whether its downloading this data to keep or deleting it from the site altogether.

To control who sees your personal information, experts say you should adjust your privacy settings.

Users would be able to download the data shared with Facebook, including uploaded photos, contacts added to their account, and posts on timelines. Facebook reached a settlement with the FTC in 2011 offering privacy assurances, though the FTC's probe may extend to Facebook's compliance with U.S. -EU principles for transferring data.

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"Facebook has made promises about users' privacy in the past, and we need to know that users can trust Facebook", they wrote.

"Zuck promised easier, better privacy controls "in the coming weeks" eight years ago", said Zeynep Tufekci, a University of North Carolina professor who studies social media, in a comment on Twitter.

"The solution isn't shifting the burden to the user because the problem is the negative externalities of the business model".

The new privacy checkup menu will help you tweak your settings quickly.

Facebook ranks 12th in recent history of data breaches.

The news has prompted some users to quit the platform.

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Facebook also wants to be more transparent in what it collects from you and how it is used.

The crisis began on March 16 after Facebook (FB) said it was suspending data analysis company Cambridge Analytica for allegedly harvesting data from more than 50 million Facebook users.

The crisis also threatens the Silicon Valley tech industry whose business model revolves around data collected on internet users.

"The committee is continuing to work with Facebook to determine a day and time for Mr. Zuckerberg to testify", House Energy and Commerce committee spokeswoman Elena Hernandez told Reuters.

Last week, the ministry sent an analogous notice to the Cambridge Analytica firm, which is accused of having harvested the personal information of millions of Facebook users without their permission. Facebook is an even more complicated case given Cambridge Analytica's entangled ties with political campaigns and the series of election-meddling allegations on Facebook leading up to the public outcry.

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