Scientists puzzled by exotic distant galaxy lacking dark matter

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Scientists puzzled by exotic distant galaxy lacking dark matter

Astronomers think that dark matter is needed to form galaxies.

As the mass of dark matter is greater than the regular matter, it holds together the important gases while the gases are in the formation stage. Well, just because NGC 1052-DF2 doesn't have any, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist at all, rather that dark matter is somehow separable from galaxies and this would happen if dark matter is bound to ordinary matter through gravity alone and nothing else. NASA notes that dark matter, an invisible substance, is the "underlying scaffolding" upon which galaxies are built. To arrive at this conclusion, they measured the speeds of 10 twinkly blobs in the galaxy, called globular clusters, that each contain millions of stars.

Galaxies are thought to be composed of visible matter-like stars, planets, and dust-and dark matter, an invisible substance that is believed to make up most of the mass in the universe. Astrophysicists have so far only observed the gravitational effects of dark matter on cosmic objects, such as galaxies and galaxy clusters.

In attempting to explain how the universe works, scientists have largely settled on the existence of a mysterious type of matter known simply as "dark matter".

On the off chance that astronomers truly have discovered an "undark" galaxy, it's a solid piece of information that dark matter is genuine. It's like finding a body without a skeleton.

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The galaxy, charmingly named NGC1052-DF2, is about 65 million light-years away and is about one two-hundredths the mass of our own Milky Way galaxy.

More work has to be done by the team which is conducting this research and after that, the actual occurrence of the galaxy and the non-occurrence of the dark matter will be proved. Because there's some regular issue right here, any kind of variation of customized gravity would certainly have that issue generate dark-matter-like impacts.

A new paper, published today (March 28) in the journal Nature, provides compelling evidence that there really is dark matter out there and that modifying the laws of physics wouldn't by itself solve the universe's weight problem.

In addition, the absence of dark matter is not the only quirk of DF2.

Oddly enough, this galaxy with very little dark matter actually helps to confirm the existence of dark matter.

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The next step is to figure out whether this galaxy is an exception or the norm, says Ostriker.

Paradoxically, the discovery of a galaxy without dark matter may actually confirm that the stuff actually exists by contradicting hypotheses advanced by dark matter doubters. Scientists have still not been able to decode the mystery surrounding dark matter.

If the current theory is wrong, that will also affect the strategies of the experiments trying to catch dark matter particles on Earth, says Bullock. From the very first observations, the object appeared unusual to them. LUX-ZEPLIN and XENON1T both use liquid xenon to hunt for WIMPs. "I spent an hour just staring at the Hubble image", van Dokkum said.

The authors of the research on this ghostly galaxy were initially looking out for a galaxy which is dark matter free; instead, they looked into ultra-diffuse galaxies. "That object was a surprise in the other direction", he says.

Researchers were scanning the sky using a telescope called Dragonfly, a clever assembly of 48 Canon 400mm wide-angle photographic lenses coupled with long-range astronomical sensors created to detect very weak objects when they made the unusual discovery.

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