Uber Settles With Family Of Self-Driving Tempe Crash Victim

Uber driver speaking with police

Uber driver speaking with police

In early March, he authorized self-driving vehicle companies to run tests without a person in the auto to act as a safety operator. It does not have a licensing system for autonomous vehicles.

E-mails, however, show that Uber started testing self-driving cars in Arizona several months earlier. The company also expressed its intent to fully cooperate with authorities and federal officials in investigating the cause of the freak accident. San Francisco-based ride-hailing company Uber will not renew its permit. And the backup driver, Rafaela Vasquez, 49, was not looking at the road in the seconds before the impact, video of the SUV's interior showed.

Intel, Waymo and General Motors also test driverless cars in Arizona, according to The Associated Press. That's something autonomous-driving software must do.

"It's no surprise that everyone is trying to distance themselves from Uber", Smith said.

Uber referred questions on the blind spot to Velodyne.

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Just last week, an autonomous vehicle driving in Tempe, Arizona, struck and killed a pedestrian walking the crosswalk. She died of her injuries at a local hospital. The Tempe police released a dash-cam video showing the moments before the accident took place.

In 2016, Uber chose to shift from using Ford Fusion cars to Volvo XC90s for its self-driving vehicle program.

The details of the settlement were not made public.

Many companies are investing heavily in the development of autonomous cars, and hope such technology can be commercialized in the near future.

Uber tested about 29 vehicles in California at one time, whereas it gathered data from roughly 200 vehicles across Arizona, California, Ontario, and Pennsylvania.

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Jim Lentz, Toyota's North American CEO, said he doesn't know enough about Uber's Arizona accident to say for sure if his company's technology would have prevented it. The company is also working on self-driving trucks that will eventually leverage that platform. "This is obviously one of the lows".

Additionally, Cristina Perez Hesano, lawyer with the firm of Bellah Perez in Glendale, Arizona, said that "the matter has been resolved" between Uber and the victim's daughter and husband, whose names were not revealed.

"We believe that technology has the power to make transportation safer than ever before and recognize our responsibility to contribute to safety in our communities".

The DRIVE platform is now being used by over 370 companies, most of which are developing self-driving technology, including automakers and robotaxi companies.

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