South London stabbing death brings capital's tally to 31 this year

London murder rate overtakes New York for first time as crime surges

Teenage girl killed and boy injured in separate shootings in London

So far in 2018, 46 people in London have been fatally stabbed, shot or injured compared to 50 in the United States city.

The shocking spate of killings this year has seen London overtake NY for the number of murders for the first time in modern history.

No arrests have been made over the shooting, which comes amid concerns over rising violent crime in the capital.

According to the Sunday Times, 15 people were murdered in London in February, while 14 were killed in NY.

Six people were attacked by a 19 year old man with a knife at 10.30pm in Russell Square, London last night.

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Because of figures from January, London still has fewer murders overall this year against NY, with 46 against 55, but the gap has quickly been decreasing and it could have more by the end of the year.

"Our city remains one of the safest in the world. but Sadiq wants it to be even safer and is working hard to bring an end to this violent scourge". The cities have a similar-sized population.

Meanwhile, in recent years London has seen a significant rise in murders.

Another said the teen's mother had arrived at the scene before paramedics, saying: "She was screaming".

What makes this notable is that the weapon most often employed in these British murders is a knife.

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A Downing Street spokesman said that the Government's new serious violence strategy will focus on intervention measures meant to "break the cycle" of violent crime.

Khan, who has been in office since May 2016, is from the opposition Labour Party.

Police chief Dick meanwhile blamed social media for the soaring rate, with 31 fatal stabbings so far this year.

The Ben Kinsella Trust, an anti-knife crime charity named after a young victim, said social media amplified a range of other factors that have contributed to the crisis.

"We will be out on the streets more - stop and search is likely to go on going up", she said, according to the Daily Express. "It's looking like it'll be worse that last year, which was worse than the year before", he told Reuters. "We need a proper strategy that looks at all of the issues".

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