Nasa plans supersonic jet with less noise, Lockheed wins $247.5 million contract

Nasa plans supersonic jet with less noise, Lockheed wins $247.5 million contract

Nasa plans supersonic jet with less noise, Lockheed wins $247.5 million contract

Sonic boom, the loud thunder when a plane exceeds 660 plus miles per hour, is a large concern for builders of such aircraft.

This data set will help United States and other global regulators to choose supersonic travel and may welcome commercial markets in faster-than-sound air travel.

While numerous companies are working on sending their own aircraft into space, or developing sonic jets for around the world transport, NASA is working on the same.but theirs won't make a sound.

The work will be done at the Lockheed Martin facility in Palmdale, California and is worth $247.5 million.

Those regulation changes, according to NASA, would allow commercial flights to bring faster-than-sound travel to passengers and cargo.

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Lockheed Martin will create a design for the X-Plane, an experimental aircraft.

Despite Lowe's concern, NASA said its confidence in the X-plane's design was "buoyed" by recent research using wind tunnel testing, advanced computer simulations and flight testing.

Today, civilian supersonic flights over land are banned. "Our long tradition of solving the technical barriers of supersonic flight to benefit everyone continues".

The answer to how the X-plane's design makes a quiet sonic boom is in the way its uniquely-shaped hull generates supersonic shockwaves.

We're honored to continue our partnership with NASA to enable a new generation of supersonic travel. The design of the airplane is meant to reduce the "sonic boom" to a thump or a double-thump by the time it reaches the ground.

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Meanwhile Spike Aerospace is hoping to test its S-512 Supersonic Jet by the close of this year.

On the inside, the X-plane will have a single General Electric F414 engine, which is "the powerplant used by F/A-18E/F fighter jets".

NASA plans to begin flying the aircraft over select US cities in mid-2022, and will collect data about community reaction to the noise level. The company must first show it is possible to fly a quiet supersonic aircraft.

It will create a sound about as loud as a vehicle door closing - 75 Perceived Level decibel (PLdB) - significantly lower than the 105 PLdB of the earlier Concorde airliner. This plane needs to cruise at an altitude of 55,000 feet (commercial jets cruise between 33,000 and 42,000 feet) and reach a speed of over 1,512 kmph (commercial jets cruise between 878 and 926 kmph).

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