Apple iPhone Pursues Touchless Control & Curved Screens For Future Models

Tablets								Image Source Apple

Tablets Image Source Apple

It is the first non-Pro iPad model to feature support for Apple Pencil and is mainly geared toward the education sector, but makes a great, affordable tablet as well, especially considering the Apple Pencil support. Also, talking about Apple producing a new sort of device is exciting, so any whisper is more likely jumped upon than most other news bits. The new technology could also account for how close someone's finger is to the screen to differentiate what sort of control or option is activated. Potentially, this might be meant to serve a similar objective as the 3D Touch feature that Apple has been including in iPhones since 2015. Instead of putting the sensors in the bezel, the entire screen would act as a sensor to detect finger proximity and position.

The word is that Apple is aiming for touchless gesture control and curved displays.

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Moreover, Apple is also working on a new display that will replace current OLED display. The next year, the Galaxy Edge and Edge+ had curved screens on both sides.

Organic Light Emitting Diode displays, aka OLED displays, are flexible and can be shaped into curves or even folded, unlike LCD. Based on this info, we picture the design resembling that of the LG G Flex 2, not the Samsung Galaxy S9, though we have doubts that Apple would opt for plastic build materials as LG did in early 2015. Google's ATAP research group has been working on similar technology through a program known as Project Soli. If Apple wants any success with this, they motions need to be subtle and efficient, lest they create an army of wacky waving inflatable arm tube men trying to open up Safari. In the smartphone sector, features are often reported but aren't seen for a long time.

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If you depend on your one iPhone or iPad to get through the day, you probably want to stay put on iOS 11.3 or whatever you're now running on your device. Patents have been filed, but the technology to create this feature still hasn't caught up with the idea.

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