Russian Federation and Syria blame Israel for deadly attack on Syria airbase

He also said that a strike on a Syrian airbase, that Damascus and Moscow have blamed on Israel, was a "very risky development".

As these strikes have not curbed Iranian efforts to establish a presence in Syria, Israel has communicated resolute, diplomatic and open messages, first and foremost the US and Russian Federation, that it will continue safeguarding its interests and will act to foil Iran's activities.

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A 2013 chemical attack in eastern Ghouta that killed hundreds of people was widely blamed on government forces.

To agree to Iranian entrenchment in Syria is to agree to the Iranians laying a chokehold on our neck.

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Israel's foreign ministry had no comment when asked about the accusations.

"It seems the US government is looking for an excuse for military intervention", Iran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said has he arrived in Brazil early on Tuesday, according to state media.

"The other side is seeing this American weakness loud and clear and, it is enhanced further by the Russians' embrace, giving these negative forces, led by Iran, a lot of confidence", an Israeli official said. He added that it also hit posts outside the base used by the Iranians and Iran-backed fighters.

Iran's Foreign Ministry said Israel was responsible for "flagrant" aggression in Syria.

"The Cuban missile crisis might be the template Putin is looking at right now", he said.

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"Russia wants the United States out of Syria as soon as possible, so if we have a clash and Trump retreats, Putin scores twice", he added.

In recent months, Israeli officials have been gravely concerned by Iran's efforts to build permanent military bases inside Syria.

"The timing of the strike isn't coincidental", he said. Trump and Western allies have been discussing possible military action to punish Syria's President Bashar Assad for the attack.

"The allegations from Tehran and Moscow that Israel carried out the aerial bombing and caused serious damage to the Iranian target raises the likelihood of a deterioration in the military situation between Iran and Israel", assessed Shapira, who served as military secretary to Netanyahu during his first term.

Russian Federation and Syria have consistently denied all the allegations of chemical attacks during the seven year old Syrian war, and in this instance have accused the rebels of staging a "false flag" incident to trigger U.S. intervention. They have been denied proper education, food, healthcare, and have been forced to live in basements for months to shelter from attacks.

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