Nicki Minaj Cries Explaining How Cardi B. Hurt Her Feelings

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Minaj says Migos member Quavo perpetuated the rumour that she and Cardi B were feuding over "Motorsport", refusing to clear the rumours up unless "she was his girl".

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Despite Nicki being in a new place creatively, she did take some time to air out her grievances against Bronx rapstress Cardi B and Migos, who Minaj claims used her name for clout and called out Cardi for "not showing enough respect" during her rise to fame.

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"With "MotorSport, ' I kinda felt ambushed", Nicki says". But Nicki Minaj added her own fuel to those rumors during a live interview today with Zane Lowe to promote her new music. I couldn't really say much and I felt so imprisoned in that moment", she reveals, adding, "When we later spoke about it, Drake said, 'I wasn't anxious about anything in the entire situation other than, what if Nicki takes a shot? According to the "Rake It Up" artist, she was really hurt by the way Cardi handled the whole "MotorSport" controversy. After months of radio silence on social media, the rapper revealed some art, titles, and a release date for "Barbie Tingz", and "Chun-Li", both of which can be streamed on Spotify right now. Here's what she said about it and Nicki during the awkward interview: "I spoke to her before, I saw her in person before".

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"If you ain't f**king my man or taking my money from me, stopping my money, I don't really give a f**k about you", Cardi said. "I definitely didn't want to discuss a leak, why would I want to do that?" "I didn't want people to think I was lying, what do I have to lie about? And I felt so imprisoned in that moment", she said. "Then what? What if Nicki spits a bar at me?" I couldn't erase the love that I had for my team but I also couldn't speak out. She'll guest on Young Thug's "Hear No Evil" which is slated to arrive shortly after her solo tracks. And you know, so I can't bad mouth her because I met her personally. I was behind the scenes, wishing it never happened. She then recounted the making of "MotorSport", saying Quavo asked her, "Is it OK to put Cardi on it?" "This is the best album in my life that I've ever created".

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