In Kentucky, teachers claim victory as vetoes rejected

In Kentucky, teachers claim victory as vetoes rejected

In Kentucky, teachers claim victory as vetoes rejected

With the chants of hundreds of teachers ringing inside their own ears, Kentucky lawmakers voted Friday to override the Senate's veto of the two-year country funding which increases public schooling spending together with the assistance of a significantly more compared to 480 million tax growth.

Dozens of public school districts throughout Kentucky canceled Friday's classes to allow teachers and school personnel to be present at the Capitol rally, according to CNN affiliate WLKY. He added that he guaranteed a child was "physically assaulted or ingested poison because they were home alone because a single parent didn't have any money to take care of them". "They think we are going to get exhausted and go home", she said.

Thousands of Kentucky teachers protest at the State Capitol in Frankfurt, Kentucky, on April 13, 2018, after the Governor signed a law to dismantle state employees' pension.

But the vote was closer in the Senate which secured the minimum number necessary - overriding the tax and revenue bill veto 20-18. He said they would not raise enough money to cover the new spending.

Lawmakers overturned vetoes on a revenue and tax measure that raises $487 million in new revenues to fund a budget which increases funding for public schools and restores funding for school bus transportation.

The rally took on a festival-like atmosphere as some teachers sat in lawn chairs or sprawled out on blankets.

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Teachers in other states are also pushing for better pay and conditions, inspired in part by a successful strike last month in West Virginia.

State lawmakers are scheduled to return to Frankfort Friday and Saturday for the two final days of this year's law-making session.

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin noticed the teachers, too.

In Oklahoma, teachers ended two weeks of walkouts Thursday, shifting their focus to electing pro-education candidates in November.

A survey done in 2011 and summarized in 2013 found that two percent of 5-year-olds and 6-year-olds who lived with their mother were left alone some of the time they weren't in school; that proportion increased to almost 30 percent of 14-year-olds.

Former House Speaker Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, who spoke on the floor of the House saying that Bevin had promised to call a special session previous year, but never did.

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In the interview, Bevin said, "This is what's insane to me".

Priest said the union had polled members throughout the walkout, and that by Thursday, 70% of respondents indicated they were unsure of continuing.

When asked by a WDRB News reporter about the teachers who rallied on Friday, Bevin spent more than a minute describing how he believed the closed schools may have contributed to people preying on children. Right now, I feel our students need all of us here as we have to model our full commitment to our students.

Current benefits for teachers will go untouched, but there will be a new pension plan for incoming ones.

In Fayette County, public schools Superintendent Manny Caulk invited everyone to go with him to Kentucky's Capitol Friday to fight for issues important to Lexington schools. Opponents worry this will discourage young people from becoming teachers.

Teachers are also upset over cuts to pension benefits for state workers - the biggest cuts will be felt by future teachers, who will be moved out of the conventional pension system.

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