Google 'Looking Into' Claims About Kid-Tracking Android Apps

Over 3300 Android Apps on Google Play Store Are Improperly Tracking Kids

Thousands of Android Apps Improperly Tracking Kids' Activities

Privacy experts have analyzed 5,855 child-directed Android apps and have found that more than half -57%- are potentially violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a U.S. law protecting children's private data online. After developing an automated testing tool, researchers scanned nearly 6,000 family- and child-oriented Android applications in Google Play to identify possible issues in their data privacy policy.

Another 1,100 shared persistent identifying information with third parties, and 2,281 appeared to violate the Google terms of service forbidding apps from sharing those identifiers to the same destination as the Android Advertising ID.

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The researchers used a testing platform that allowed them to see in real time how often the apps accessed sensitive information - such as location data and contact lists - on a phone and what other entities the apps shared that information with.

"This really is a market failure", Serge Egelman, " a co author of this examine as well as the director of usable privacy and security investigation at the International Computer Science Institute at UCBerkeley, informed the Washington Post. In particular, they were curious about how apps aimed at kids comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which strictly controls what information can be collected from children. In fact, there are many reports where people uninstalled Google Play Services from their smartphones in order to free up space and then they were left wondering why no other app works anymore.

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Among their findings, 28 percent of apps tested accessed sensitive data and 73 percent transmitted the data over the internet. Shackleford advised being more proactive, "To really get ahead of the problem, though, parents should use software like FamilyTime to help keep a closer eye on the apps their kids are using, and make sure that private browsers and extensions-like DuckDuckGo and Privacy Badger-are the norm". We consistently love rsquo & the analysis group;s function to create the Android eco system safer. "We observed that 81 of their 82 apps that we tested shared Global Positioning System coordinates with advertisers", the researchers stated in the report. She was distributing an application titled Dardesh, which is a chat app that was available on Google's official Play Store for Android tools. "' Examining COPPA Compliance at Scale'".

Of course, it's worth noting that many of these apps might not be intentionally gathering the data of children and intentionally flouting the law.

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This is also far from being the only case to have been a violation of Coppa, The Verge reports.

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