Verify: Is air quality in West Michigan getting better?

Verify: Is air quality in West Michigan getting better?

Verify: Is air quality in West Michigan getting better?

"The 2018 "State of the Air" report reveals that unhealthful levels of pollution put our citizens at risk", said June Deen, senior vice president of Public Policy and Health Promotions for the American Lung Association in SC.

The city is ranked No. 30 out of 227 USA metro areas for the number of high ozone days and No. 56 out of 201 areas for short-term spikes in soot.

Charlotte is the 41st most polluted city in the nation for ozone.

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Springfield went from being one of the cleanest cities in last year's report, to experiencing more unhealthy days.

Vermont Business Magazine The American Lung Association's 2018 "State of the Air" report found that the Burlington-South Burlington metro area to be the only city in the Northeast to be ranked one all three Cleanest City lists for Ozone pollution, for year-round particle pollution and for short-term particle pollution, based on data from 2014-2016. In its 2018 State of the Air report, Philadelphia county's ozone grade was an F, which means that the air we breathe each day poses potential health risks for us all. Like last year's publication, the current overview provides an assessment of outdoor air pollution from analyses of the ozone and quantities of ambient particulate matter-tiny particles such as dust and soot that are suspended in the air and can be hazardous if inhaled.

The six cleanest cities were also listed in the report: Bellingham, Wash.; Burlington, Vt.; Casper, Wyo.; Honolulu; Melbourne, Fla.; and Wilmington, N.C. That's an improvement from a decade ago, when the Lung Association regularly ranked it among the 25 most ozone-plagued cities. This could be attributed to the fact that emissions from heavy oil and gas activity in neighboring New Mexico - which does not have strong clean air rules for oil and gas facilities - are increasing pollution levels in La Plata.

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Suffolk received a grade of A for low levels of this type of contaminant, the report showed. "We call on President Trump, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and members of Congress to fully fund, implement and enforce the Clean Air Act for all pollutants-including those that drive climate change and make it harder to achieve healthy air for all".

The Grand Rapids Metropolitan Area is tied for 34th most polluted ozone out of 227 metros graded in the nation. That also includes an increase in the level of unhealthy days, the report states. New Orleans saw slightly worse levels of year-round particle pollution than Baton Rouge. Charleston, North Charleston, Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson reported significantly more unhealthy air days. It also noted that 560 million people in India and 416 million in China, were exposed to household air pollution in 2016 with 43% and 30%, respectively, of their populations using solid fuels.

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