Kellyanne Conway's sexism charge is laughable

IP George Conway hits Trump over travel ban tweet_00002915

Kellyanne Conway blasts CNN for asking about her husband's critical tweets about Trump

Conway accused Bash of trying to "harass and embarrass" her while her children were likely watching at home.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's husband, George Conway, does not seem to share his wife's boundless enthusiasm for defending President Trump.

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Kellyanne Conway lashed out at a CNN host over question about her husband's anti-Trump Twitter habit. "This is a fascinating, cross-the-Rubicon moment and I will leave it at that". "But it's very good for the whole world to have just witnessed ... that it's now fair game what people's spouses and significant others may differ with them". "I'm really surprised, but very, in some ways, relieved and gratified to see that".

If this were any other woman, I would be inclined to come to her defense and give her all the benefits of all the doubts that she genuinely felt attacked by being asked about the contents of her husband's tweets, in which he suggested that Trump's penchant for contradicting aides is "absurd".

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Her husband, who is a prominent Republican lawyer pretty regularly retweets or tweets criticism of the administration in which she works. "You simply went there". "It's about questioning - publicly questioning what you are doing for a living and with regard to your boss". "Are we going to do that?" "By definition, spouses have a difference of opinion when one is, I don't know, draining the joint bank account to support things that maybe the other disagrees with". Debra, you're a friend, a mentor, and a role model for so many, including me, and I'm excited to continue this conversation with you and all of the leading women from tonight's event. "We bite our tongue plenty because I work for the people of this country, the United States government, and the presidency and the President of the United States, so there is plenty that I don't say".

"His people in his household wanted the other person to win", Conway said, referring to Clinton. Bash asked Conway on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday.

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Despite Bash repeatedly trying to insert that attacking Conway was not the point of her questioning, Conway barreled along.

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