Facebook accidentally launches "hate speech" button

Facebook тестирует кнопку downvote

Facebook accidentally launches "hate speech" button

Scroll to the bottom for Facebook's response.

Well, today, Facebook started to push down an update with buttons that say "Does this post contain hate speech?".

The only issue: some users reported seeing the feature on every single piece of user-generated content in their feeds, including advertisements.

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People saw the question appear on innocuous posts, including one from The Bad Apple bar in Chicago talking about menu items.

However, if the user selects the "yes" option, another pop-up box appears which gives the user the option to confirm that the post contains hate speech or select the three other test options.

Though the feature for reporting hate speech was removed from the site, Facebook already has standards in place for what it considers hate speech.

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And for the Family Research Council. "Why are you asking if I'm committing hate speech?"

Even posts not sharing articles had the "hate speech" identification option. Joshua Herring, a humanities instructor at Thales Academy and contributor for The Imaginative Conservative and The Federalist, asked.

This is what users were seeing (I've removed user names and images because the internet can be an very bad place):These screenshots were provided by our friends at PJ Media:We reached out to Facebook.

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This morning, the social media giant Facebook began testing out a button for users to report posts as hate speech. They said a bug caused the button to launch publicly but it has since been disabled.

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