Judge OKs additional DNA collection in Golden State Killer case

US Police Hope New Zodiac Killer DNA Test Will Copy Golden State Killer Case

By David Adams

By denying the motion, Judge Michael Sweet is allowing law enforcement to photograph DeAngelo's entire body, collect major case fingerprints, and obtain more DNA.

DeAngelo appeared at the hearing handcuffed to a wheelchair.

Sweet ruled the evidence collection did not violate DeAngelo's right to due process nor any evidence discovery rules. Vallejo police sent old Zodiac DNA to a lab for testing in hopes of finally solving one of America's most famous unsolved mysteries, the Sacramento Bee reported.

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"That's a great idea", said Gary Harmor, founder and director of the Serological Research Institute, a private DNA lab. The DNA was a close match for relatives, and authorities eventually were led to DeAngelo's home in the Sacramento suburb of Citrus Heights, not far from where numerous sexual assaults occurred.

Prosecutors said they used DNA and a public genealogical online database to identify DeAngelo, decades after the case had gone cold. He has not but entered a plea.

"People need to know that the agencies involved in this... have been cooperating with each other for quite some time, and everybody is committed to closing it out", Poyser said. Authorities arrested Joseph DeAngelo last month on suspicion of committing at least 12 murders and 50 rapes in California between 1976 and 1986. On Sunday, the US government will open nationwide enrollment for an ambitious experiment: If they can build a large enough database comparing the genetics, lifestyles and environments of people from all walks of life, researchers hope to learn why some escape illness and others don't, and better customize ways to prevent and treat disease.

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The Related Press and different information organizations have filed a movement to unseal the total search and arrest warrants for DeAngelo, which might present further particulars concerning the DNA strategies prosecutors used to establish him.

The search and arrest warrants for DeAngelo that contain legal arguments and case details justifying why investigators want to gather the evidence are shielded from public view.

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